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In recent years, we've seen a huge increase in demand for coding skills across a range of industries. As a developer, there are countless ways to add value to an organization and make a real difference.

If you're reading this article, chances are you've already thought of in coding. But first, you probably want to know what you can do as a developer, and we don't blame you. So let's look at a typical onecodificationsalary and analyze the many factors that can affect your salary.

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career in coding

You know you want itbecome a coder, but first the most important things. Let's start by understanding what an encoder does. As the name suggests, developers write code: the foundation of any software, application and website. Any operation performed by a computer or application is the result of code. THEskill level of a coderit can really make or break a company.

You can write programs using different programming languages ​​and there are many to choose from these days. Usually, an average programmer knows at least two or more coding languages. Most people want to gain a thorough understanding of the languages ​​they want to specialize in.coding languagewhich you choose to learn and apply first will depend on the career you want to pursue.

Below are some of the most popularcodificationjobs:

  • Software developer– a software developer will analyze the requirements, write the code and test it. The purpose of code can be anything from entertainment to automation.
  • web developer– a web developer creates websites and maintains them. They are the ones who decide a good layout for the website. They are also working to make it as interactive and user-responsive as possible.
  • Systems Engineer – A systems engineer works with a company's internal network. They troubleshoot system issues and work with other developers to find better solutions.
  • Database Administrator – A database administrator works to maintain storage spaces for large amounts of information that the business needs to operate.

These are just some of the different roles you can play. There are many more specializations such as security, networking, business analysis,data science and machine learning.

The skills every coder needs

While a casual business may request adegree in Information Technology or Computer Science, many more people are learning to code beyond the confines of formal institutions such as schools and universities. Online learning and specialized courses have helped this shift. UsSoftware Engineering Courseit is a great option if you want to start your career in 6 months.

The great thing about code is that you don't have to be superhuman to succeed as a developer. All you need if you want to learn to code is the will to do it. However, self-learning requires a lot more self-discipline. You will have to work consistently if you want to get anywhere.

When you choose to learn on your own, it's also a bit more difficult because there's no one to help you when you have questions. It can also be harder to find a job because you don't know what to expect.

With all that being said, the volume of information about coding careers can be overwhelming. However, regardless of the position you choose, there are certain skills that all developers and coders need. First of all, everyoneprogrammersYou need to havegood problem solving skills. They need to think logically to solve real-world problems and turn them into code. Therefore, when learning to code, you should also have a good understanding of computer logic.

As a developer, you also need to be attentive to details. This is because even a small syntax error can produce incorrect results or prevent all code from executing correctly. But don't worry, by understanding the language and its syntax, you'll know what to look for when errors occur.

Algorithms are an important part of the fundamentals of programming. They provide a way to effectively solve problems by understanding how computers "think". You need to know basic sorting algorithms and other commonly used algorithms. Depending on the course you are taking, you may have to learn this yourself.

Also, the ability to think abstractly will come in handy. You won't be able to see the output of your code until it works properly. You will only have an idea of ​​how you want it to work. So you should be able to code while keeping the big picture in mind.

Finally, you must have good communication skills. This is so you can work with different teams and clients. You will receive a lot of feedback on your work and should incorporate these points into future development work. You need to understand what is and isn't possible with the code, and you need to be able to communicate that to your team.

Common coding languages

Regardless of the career path you choose, there are some common languages ​​you can learn. HTML, CSS,Python, Java,SQLand JavaScript are some of the most popular languages. Once you get the basics down, you'll be coding in no time.

There are languages ​​for specific functions that you can learn as well. For your convenience, we list them below.

  • software developersthey are responsible for building software applications for desktop computers and mobile phones. Depending on the requirements, it may be necessary to know one or more languages ​​and frameworks.JavamPythonare the most common languages ​​requested by companies.C++It is an older language but is still used for computer graphics and software development.
  • web developerswork on frontend, backend or full site. To be a front-end web developer, you must have knowledge of languages ​​likeHTML, CSS και JavaScript. These languages ​​make the website interactive and fast to load. If you want to be a support developer, you will usePHP,Java, and more.
  • systems engineersYou must know programming languages ​​likeSQL, C, C#, Java and Python.
  • database administratorsI am usingSQL, UNIX and HTMLto hold information. They must keep data secure and provide access to the system when needed. They also maintain data backups and resolve database issues.

salary coding

You will find many functions in the coding area. People who program usually earn a good salary, but this also depends on some factors. Compensation plans differ for different roles and experience levels. The number of coding languages ​​you know is another factor that can affect your salary.

The average salary for a basic coder is $50,000. However, your salary will increase fairly soon after. For developers with many years of experience, it can be difficult to define an average salary structure. It depends on the technology you are working with.

Average salary of web developers

web developerscan earn an average of $70,000 a year. However, salaries vary for different cities. Some of the cities that pay the most for web developers are:

  • San Francisco, CA – $109,000
  • Washington, DC - $105,000
  • New York, New York – US$96,000
  • Houston, Texas – US$85,000
  • Chicago, Illinois – US$85,000

Web developers also receive health benefits, life insurance, paid time off, and flexible work options. Specialized roles like front-end development can earn an average of $108,000 and those who work in itbackend developmenthe can earn up to $127,000.

Average Salary of Security Engineers

Programmers working in computer and network security can earn an average of $111,000 per year. The cities that pay the mostsafety engineersinclude:

  • Washington, DC - $133,000
  • New York, New York – US$130,000
  • San Diego, CA – $116,000

Similar roles such as information security analysts can earn $94,000. Network security engineers can earn an average of $114,000.

Average salary of software developers

All types of industries are employedsoftware developers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 25.6% growth rate in the jobs available to software developers over the next 10 years.

For an entry-level position, a software developer can earn an average of $102,000 per year. reports that skilled Scala developers earn 24% more than the average base salary. The cities that pay the most for software developers include:

  • San Francisco, CA – $158,000
  • San Jose, CA - $150,000
  • New York, New York – US$136,000
  • Seattle, Washington – USD 130,000
  • Chicago, Illinois – US$120,000

Software developers can receive many benefits such as health insurance, visa sponsorship and stock options.

Average System Engineer Salary

systems engineersyou earn $102,000 on average. In an entry-level position, systems engineers can earn around $95,000 per year. Companies like Cisco, Visa and PwC pay the most for systems engineers. The highest paying cities include:

  • Dallas, Texas – USD 118,000
  • Washington, DC – US$113,000
  • New York, New York – US$108,000

Key skills required for systems engineers include knowledge of systems architecture and security. Similar roles such as system administrators can earn around $84,000 per year, while network engineers can bring in packages of up to $104,000.

Getting a certification from a reputable source for your expertise will also add value to your profile. This shows that you are very familiar with the concepts required for your role.

It should also be noted that job satisfaction for developers tends to be high. Developers report manageable stress levels and a good work-life balance. There is also more flexibility in the work environment.

Ultimate advice for your coding career

There isn't just one path to becoming a developer. There are many opportunities that have different requirements and offer different benefits. You can learn any programming language of your choice and find opportunities that match that skill.

As we can see, developers get a good salary. To get there, you need to be proficient in a few coding languages ​​and improve your interpersonal skills. Coding skill not only gives you good job opportunities but also improves your problem solving skills. It provides the ability to think outside the box.

A coder needs to keep learning new technologies along with their existing skills. As a developer, you will continue to engage with the evolution of technology. So, if you enjoy career development, then this is a great field for you. Once you develop a passion for coding, your career will also reach new heights.

If you want to learn more about how to succeed in a career that involves coding, you can talk to amember of our team. We help 86% of our studentsSoftware Engineering Courseget your dream job and we want to do the same for you. If you're still not sure if coding is right for you, see more from ususeful blog articles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much do Thinkful graduates earn?

Thoughtful graduates learn the skills that top employers are looking for when hiring software engineers. On average, our graduates increase their salary by $20,000 per year.

Will a degree help me earn more?

A degree, or even an online coding course or bootcamp, will almost certainly increase your salary potential. You'll have a valuable line on your CV and you'll also learn skills that employers value.

How do I get into coding?

Aonline web development bootcampis an excellent introduction to the field. You'll learn the tangible skills that lead to great work. You will also build a professional portfolio and complete your program with interviews and job application guidance.

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