Highest Paying Programming Positions (2023)

For this graph we usegoogle trendsdata on monthly US search volume for each programming language associated with the word "learn" – "learn Ruby", "learn SQL", etc. python snakes or ruby ​​gems, for example.

Which programming job is right for you?

When choosing a programming job, think about the different types of projects you'll be involved in in each role. Will you be working on a website or app? Will you be responsible for an entire project or focus on one small element? Programming is a vast field that can include all kinds of tasks and projects. As you learn to code and complete hands-on projects, stick with the types of coding you enjoy most. This will give you a hint of the types of jobs to look for when the time comes.

You'll also want to consider whether you want a career focusedforward development,backend developmentor both!

Here we include a brief discussion of each language and its business applications. For more information, see ourtopic page, where we have several complete guides.


R is a statistical programming language and therefore most R tasks involve data analysis and statistics. There are many opportunities for R developers in the healthcare and analytics sectors, where companies collect and analyze large amounts of data. In these roles, R developers will be responsible for cleaning and manipulating data. Sometimes they will also be asked to carry out more detailed work and produce reports on their findings.


As you can see from the chart above, Python has quickly become the most popular language in technology. As many industry players use Python, the job opportunities are extensive. Most Python jobs involve software development, with an emphasis on the backend. Python developer jobs can focus on writing code following blueprints created by more experienced members of a development team. Developers may be assigned full-stack or backend responsibilities and often work with a team of other Python developers to complete projects.


Most of the Ruby programming and developer roles you'll find will be in software and web application development. Many of the developer roles available to Ruby professionals will also leverage the Ruby on Rails framework. Like many development tasks, Ruby tasks often involve teamwork or pair programming and project planning with an Agile methodology. More advanced Ruby developer roles may be responsible for building new software from scratch or performing a complete redesign – along with your team, of course! More developers and junior Ruby developers may take on the task of implementing product updates at a steady pace or working on smaller components of a large software project.

Other skills sometimes required for Ruby jobs include HTML, knowledge of Agile, jQuery, CSS, APIs, and development.


Like Python and Ruby jobs, many C and C++ jobs are found in software development. C++ is especially useful for projects involving 3D visualization or 3D mapping. This means that many C++ development and programming roles are in the video game and visual effects industry. Experience with related technologies such as GPUs and graphics drivers can be helpful for these functions along with C++.

C programming is a more general purpose language similar to Python or Ruby. It's not as popular as a team pattern in today's industry, but it's a good basic language for developers to get familiar with. In particular, Apple is a huge employer of C++ and C developers.


Java developer and programmer jobs can involve software development, web application development, or database management. Java has been the industry standard programming language for a while, and although Python is growing in popularity, Java is still a standard language at many software and technology companies, meaning there are countless job opportunities for those who know Java.

Additional skills that Java developers and programmers should know include HTTP, JavaScript, bootstrap, knowledge of Agile and SQL for Java tasks working with databases.


Most JavaScript programming and development jobs work on websites. JavaScript is used in almost all modern web pages and enables interactive features such as clickable icons and text input fields. Like other development tasks, many teams of JavaScript programmers and developers work in the Agile methodology to release new features or site updates.


Just like JavaScript, PHP is also used in web development activities. Although it is less popular than some other development languages, some companies prefer to use PHP by default. PHP developers and programmers will likely be responsible for building and maintaining functionality on the back end of a product.


Most SQL jobs work with databases. SQL functions are tasked with creating databases or querying data. They can use the data themselves and perform analysis, or they can pass it on to analysts to use for their own purposes. Many SQL roles work closely with database administrators.

Familiarity with cloud databases and ETL tools are useful complementary skills for anyone working with SQL.

How to get a programming job

To get a programming job, you should learn to code! You can choose a specific language to learn and then find a bootcamp that caters to that language. If you are confused about the difference between all these languages, check oursResourcespage where we compare and contrast languages ​​likePython and Ruby.

Alternatively, you couldcompare different bootcampsand select based on other criteria such as program structure and sample projects. Almost all coding bootcamps teach coding languages ​​relevant to the industry.

Many bootcamps offer career services to help you find jobs, practice your technical interviewing skills, and improve your resume. When interviewing for programming jobs, many employers will want to get a good idea of ​​how advanced your programming skills are. You may be asked to complete sample projects or demonstrate your skills in previous projects you have completed.

There is significant market demand for developers, so once you have the skills, you should be in good shape to find work. If you don't land the job on the first try, keep looking for opportunities. In the meantime, it never hurts to keep learning different coding techniques or even branch out into new languages. You can learn more about Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C++ and other languages ​​atthematic section.

Find coding jobs online

Job sites are making it easier than ever to search for work from home.in fact,LinkedIn,ZipRecruiter,Beast, eIdeologicalare great general resources for finding jobs in all industries. However, to narrow your search to related programming and tech jobs, check out these tech industry-specific job boards:


Dice is a completely career-focused website for tech professionals. It all started at the height of the dot-com boom to allow tech-savvy contractors to find opportunities in the emerging Silicon Valley. The company name is an acronym for "Data-processing Independent Consultant's Exchange". Today, it allows employers to list contract and full-time job opportunities. It also offers a rich repository of resources for job markets and career planning.

Dice offers a large number of pre-filtered lists categorized by skill or job title. If you're new to Node.js and want to browse the career opportunities now available to you – you can open Dice's Node.js job listing. In this short list, you can apply filters for things like Location, Full-time vs. Recruiting, and Removal vs. Onsite.

Dice also offers a number of useful tools, such as a salary forecast, which takes into account your experience level and location to give you accurate results.


Mashable is a comprehensive media and culture publication, but one of its main areas of focus is modern technology, and its reader base is highly tech-savvy. Mashable's job board contains a wider range of jobs across all industries than the two sites we discussed above, but all of its posts are looking for candidates who are well-versed in the digital world and favor technological innovation. On this site you will find programming jobs as well as similar technical jobs in digital marketing, product management, sales and HR.

Mashable is a great place to look if you love technology, but don't want to limit your job search solely to developer and programming roles.


CrunchBoard is the job posting platform hosted by TechCrunch, an online technology publication. Aimed at tech-savvy readers and advertisers, CrunchBoard lists opportunities for developers and developers from all industries.


The companies behind every programming language want people to get jobs using their technology! This is how they expand their user base and remain profitable in the ever-evolving technology industry. Some of these organizations, such as Python, host their own job boards to help match qualified developers with jobs using that language.

Things to consider when planning a career in programming

When planning a career in programming, be sure to look for a language you enjoy programming in! Try a few to get started, then deepen your business knowledge and skills in one of your favorites. However, make sure your favorite is highly relevant to today's programming job market. Some once popular languages ​​such asPerl, are no longer an advantage for job seekers as they are not used by many groups. And finally, it's a good idea to consider the potential salary you might earn. If you're paying for a bootcamp or coding course, you want to be sure you'll be able to recoup your investment in yourself and pay off any student loans you may have taken out.

Data Table – Highest Paying Programming Jobs

Below are some useful charts that contain all the data we've discussed in this article. Salary details areGlass doorand the Availability Index is a metric we calculate based on the number of available jobs posted for each role on Glassdoor. The role with the most listings receives an AI score of 100, and each subsequent score is calculated as a percentage of the maximum, for example, 50 for a job with half as many Glassdoor listings as the maximum.

LoadAverage annual salary in the US (2021)Availability Index
R developer111,079 US dollars2
Python developer95,830 USD73
Ruby on Rails developer94,463 US dollars4
java developer91,758 USD79
JavaScript developer91,388 US dollars100
C/C++ developerUS $89,73623
Python developer88,184 US dollars73
SQL Developer87,637 USD6
DBA SQL86,773 US dollars
PHP Developer86,105 USD20
java developersUS $81,77681
PHP DeveloperUS $78,16120
SQL DeveloperUS $73,45669
javascript developer73,269 US dollars100
ruby developer73,269 US dollars1
C/C++ developer73,269 US dollars4

Data table – Highest paying programming jobs, by language

LanguageAverage annual salary in the USAvailability Index
R111,079 US dollars1
Python91,992 USD73
RubyUS $91,5762
C/C++87,179 US dollars14
JavaUS $86,71680
JavaScript82,308 USD100
PHPUS $82,13620
SQL75,528 US dollars41


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