How to get a coding job: 10 steps to secure your first programming job (2023)

Thinking of learning how to get a job in coding? You can quickly collaborate with app developers, coding experts, software developers and coding professionals.learning to codeoffers fantastic career opportunities, generous salary and high job security. This step-by-step guide can tell you everything you need to know to find a job in coding.

Read on to see information about coding education paths, senior, mid-level, and entry-level coding jobs, and job prospects for programming jobs. If you want to know how to get a coding job, read on.

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main conclusions

  • Job prospects for software developers are growing at a rate of 22%.
  • Educational options to become a developer include coding bootcamps, community college programs, and four-year courses.
  • Coding certifications can increase employability. Some of the most famous ones are Adobe Certified Professional, AWS Certified Developer and Oracle Cloud Platform Digital Assistant.
  • To increase your chances of landing a coding job, work on personal coding projects, have your code reviewed by professionals, participate in pair programming with experts, complete coding challenges, and consider freelancing.
  • Networking is important in the coding industry and can help you find job opportunities.
  • Online job platforms like GitHub, ITJobPro, Dice, Toptal, and Upwork are good resources for finding coding job opportunities.

What is coding?

Coding, also known as programming, is the practice and method of communicating with computers. Professionals use programming languages ​​such as Python and Java to write code as instructions for computers. If you get a job in coding, you can create software applications and develop advanced websites.

The field of coding offers many career opportunities, which include data science, software engineering, cyber security, and application development. Many of these careers do not specifically focus on coding, but programming is critical to performing their duties. There is a wide variety of jobs for coders.

Coding job perspective

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), thejob prospects for programmersit will decrease by 10 percent between 2020 and 2030. Some companies are hiring coders from outside the country because they can afford lower wages, so the job prospects for coding are shrinking.

However, the BLS also reports that theprospects for software developersit's at 22% over the same period, so other coding jobs are still growing fast. The outlook for coding work is still positive if you look at the big picture. Learning how to get a coding job pays off if you keep a positive attitude.

What training do I need to become a coder?

To become a developer, you can get training through a bootcamp program, a community college, or a four-year degree. Each of these options can give you the experience you need. As long as you have the relevant skills, you should qualify for most jobs. Coding bootcamps are arguably the best way to learn how to get a job in coding because of their career services.

Can a Coding Bootcamp Help Me Get a Coding Job?

Yes, a coding bootcamp can helpfind a job. Coding bootcams are popular with coding professionals and employers. You can study online, attend workshops, interact with professionals in your field and learn soft skills. Some bootcamps are difficult to get into, so check your eligibility against the entry requirements.

Common coding education paths

To find a job in coding, you can choose from a variety of educational paths. Some coding majors opt for coding bootcamps, others prefer community colleges, and many go through degree programs. All of these educational paths will help you become a developer. Read on to learn more about how to get a job as a developer with these resources.

Codificando Bootcamps

Coding bootcamps are one of the best ways to start coding because you can learn programming skills quickly. Bootcamp graduates can move into a wide variety of developer roles while spending less money and time studying. You can join one of the best coding bootcamps,best javascript bootcamps, the best Python bootcamps and more to land a coding job.

university community

A community college offers degree and certificate programs to teach the basics of coding. Some community colleges offeronline coding courses, and many will enhance their learning experience through professional support programs. Community college programs typically take six months to two years to complete, after which you can land an entry-level coding job.

coding degrees

ONEIT degreewill provide formal training to teach basic and complex technical coding skills. You can complete a bachelor's degree in four years and a master's degree in two. With a college degree in coding, your job search will be much easier. However, work experience is best for getting a coding job and the degree programs are expensive.

coding certifications

If youdo they have a coding degree or not, coding certifications will maximize your chances of employability so you can land a job in the coding field. These certifications prove that you have the necessary skills for coding jobs, and you can find certifications for both beginners and experts. These are the top three coding certifications in 2022.

Adobe Certified Professional – Desenvolvedor Adobe Workfront Core

If you are a master user of the Adobe Suite, consider getting this certification. You must complete an exam to obtain this certification and have hands-on training. Having this certification will validate your technical skills for Adobe and help you in managerial roles such as project management.

AWS Certified Developer – Associate

If you wantlearn amazon web services(AWS), complete the exam and earn this certification. The exam includes a multiple-choice section and multiple-choice questions. To earn this certification and get a coding job for AWS, you need to understand a high-level coding language and have basic cloud application coding skills.

Oracle Cloud Platform Digital Assistant 2022 Certified Professional

This specialized certification is designed for senior developers and requires you to pass an exam. It takes 90 minutes and costs $297, and you can take an Oracle prep course to help you study and then get a job in coding. Industry experience is ideal for this certification and you must have knowledge of developing applications with Oracle APEX.

How to get a coding job

To find a coding job, consider working on a personal project and having your code reviewed by a professional. Pair programming and coding tests to help you master your skills, and you should also research the hiring company to make sure it meets your values ​​and average salary expectations. Learn how to land a coding job with these expert tips.

Develop a coding project

To start a programming career, work on a side project to practice your programming skills and demonstrate your experience. This secondary project could be a website, an application or similar software. Most coding experts have worked on several personal projects to showcase their various strengths in a portfolio, which can help you land a coding job.

Check your password

Connect with other developers and ask them to review your code. While you can use tools for this as well, finding other developers in your industry offers a wider range of benefits. Auditing your code helps you identify your weaknesses for improvement before applying for a coding job. You can also talk to colleagues about how to get a developer job with your portfolio.

Pair programming with an expert

If you have found an experienced network programmer, practice pair programming.Pair programmingIt consists of working with another developer at a workstation and completing a coding project together. The expert can guide you and help you avoid common mistakes. Once you get a coding job, you'll be able to leverage these collaboration skills.

Complete coding challenges

Coding experts often complete programming challenges to improve their skills and expand their knowledge. There are plenty of coding challenges for beginners where you can practice beforehand and increase the difficulty level as you go along. Coding challenges and competitions can also help you meet other developers and learn how to get a coding job.

Get started with Freelancing and the 'Gig'!

Many developers start out as freelancers because it helps them get a feel for different work environments. Freelancing can be tough and it can be hard to find coding jobs, especially if you have no experience. Once you build your coding portfolio, you can create a profile on a site like Upwork or Toptal and start looking for software developer jobs.

Use your coding bootcamp experience and different coding projects to show potential employers what you can do. You can also talk to your colleagues and contacts at the bootcamp and announce that you are open to work and want to find a coding job. Remember that most companies need developers, so you should try to find your first coding job.

Advantages and disadvantages of freelancing

Many people find the freelance world fascinating. While working remotely and in your spare time is tempting, it's difficult. You have to motivate yourself and work hard to get good coding jobs, which can be exhausting. Sometimes being an employee is an easier path. If you want to learn how to get a job in coding, freelancing can be a good place to start.

Build connections and credibility

Networking in the industry is one of the best ways to learn how to get a job in coding. Making connections at school, coding bootcamp, or with peers online can help you build credibility and gain access to more opportunities. If you don't know where to start, try connecting with experienced developers on LinkedIn.

Finding a job in coding is difficult if you don't know anyone in the industry. Once you start networking, you can learn about job opportunities and use your connections as references. This can make landing a coding job much easier.

Search for the recruitment company

It is important to know the details of the company you are applying for. By understanding the business, you can tailor an attractive cover letter for the recruiter to demonstrate that you are interested in the company. This will also help you better prepare for possible answers to the organization's interview questions. This is an important step when learning how to get a job as a coder.

How to get a coding job: 10 steps to secure your first programming job (1)

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Prepare for the technical interview

You will need to prepare for the coding interview by practicing your skills and gaining a solid understanding of typical interview questions. Once you have prepared your answers, you should be able to feel more confident when speaking with the recruiter. Below are some common coding interview questions you may come across when researching how to prepare for coding interviews.

coding interview questions

  • When using Java, how do you reverse an array in place?
  • What are some personal projects you have developed? Were there challenges with each project and how did you overcome them?
  • Using Stack, how do you determine the sum of two linked lists?
  • How do we print all the leaves of a binary tree? why do we do this?

keep learning

even after youget a job in tech, you must continue to improve your craft. Coding standards are always changing, which means industry needs are changing as well. If you want to get a coding job, then you should try to be updated with the new developments in the world of programming. Read coding blogs, stay active on social media, and connect with fellow developers.

Top coding skills to list on your resume

When creating a resume for a coding job, you need to include programming language skills. You should also add vital soft skills such as analytical thinking and patience. Below are the top three skills to include on a coding resume. You'll also see how to build coding skills, resume tips, and other resources.

Programming languages

To apply for coding jobs, you must add programming languages ​​to your resume. Software developers, app developers, and even senior programmers always include the coding languages ​​they master on their resumes. If you haven't already,you need to learn python, JavaScript, Ruby, CSS, C++ or HTML. These are the most important coding skills on your resume.

analytical thinking

For any programming job you choose, you need to know how to think analytically. Coding specialists work with complex programming tools to solve challenging problems. You need to know how to apply analytical thinking to any coding job, so this is a vital coding skill for your resume. If your lack of experience prevents you from thinking analytically, consider working on it before starting a career in technology.


As you begin your programming career, you will realize how much patience you need. Your employer will want to know how you deal with stressful situations and how you work under tight deadlines. Starting with manageable tasks in entry-level coding jobs will help you gain the patience you need to land a coding job.

Where to find coding jobs

How to get a coding job: 10 steps to secure your first programming job (2)

You can find coding jobs on job boards like GitHub, ITJobPro, and Dice. All of these job boards are great resources for developers to jump-start a career and see how to get a job in coding. Read on to learn more about the top three resources for finding coding jobs and viewing coding job opportunities.


GitHub is a valuable resource for finding entry-level and senior coding jobs. The best way to approach this is to create a profile and upload your development projects to your profile. This allows potential employers to browse your work and assess your skills before contacting you. Anyone who wants to get a coding job should have a GitHub profile.


ITJobPro is one of the most popular websites for jobs in full stack web development, software development, front-end development and more. You can find jobs at companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Netflix. As you go through the job search process, you can filter listings by location and keywords to find the best coding job opportunities.


Using Dice, you can find a job at your dream company using a variety of filters. For example, you can filter job listings by location, job type, remote options, published data, employer type, and keywords. There are opportunities to become a Python developer, software engineer, or just about anything in the coding field with Dice.


If you want to know where to find coding jobs, this site is a good place to go. Toptal is a freelance website where many potential employers post tech jobs. Toptal prides itself on hosting only the best freelancers, so it's a good choice if you already have a large following.coding portfolio. It can also help you find coding jobs online so you can work remotely from anywhere. There are hundreds of coding job opportunities on this site.


According to Statista, American freelancers on Upworkearned about $75 millionin 2021, and that number is growing. Getting a coding job is easy with so many new jobs on this site. Upwork is a very popular freelance platform and many new developers learn how to get coding jobs through this site.

The Five Highest Paying Coding Jobs

coding workaverage salaryprojected growth
Information Systems and Information Systems ManagerUS $159,01011%
data scientist131.490 USD22%
Computer Network ArchitectUS $120,5205%
Software developer110.140 USD22%
Computer Systems AnalystUS $99,2707%

Information Systems and Information Systems Manager

Salary: 159.010 $

This senior level developer position is ideal for professionals with more than five years of industry experience. It is one of the highest paying coding jobs out there. You will work full-time and coordinate all PC-related operations while leading the development teams. These managers must have strong multi-tasking skills to work under tight deadlines.

data scientist

Salary: 131.490 $

Data scientists work with statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to help companies make data-driven decisions. Professionals in this career have complex skill sets and work in stressful environments. As a result, years of experience and learning are often requiredbecome a data scientist, but it is worth it to get one of the best computer coding jobs.

Computer Network Architect

Salary: 120.520 $

A computer network architect must design a company's entire communications network infrastructure, including intranets, local area networks (LANs), and wide area networks (WANs). Most professionals in this programming job work full-time and need to know how to code for network troubleshooting, which makes this job one of the top coding jobs.

Software developer

Salary: 110.140 $

Software developers are known to have some of the highest paying coding jobs. They must have coding experience to design, develop and implement software solutions. You will understand a company's requirements and build software accordingly. For this careerlearn JavaScript, Python and PHP, among other programming languages.

Computer Systems Analyst

Salary: 99.270 $

Large companies employ computer systems analysts to evaluate their current computer systems and optimize them. Coding specialists in this coding job usually work full time. Additionally, you should stay ahead of industry trends to implement the most effective solutions.

coding career

THECoding bootcamp employment rateit is impressive. There are many job opportunities in a coding career, whether you have a coding degree or not. Most coding jobs pay a comfortable average salary and offer job security. Here are entry, mid, and senior positions in a coding career that potential developers can use to plan their coding career.

Entry level coding jobs

  • Junior Software Engineer– New software engineers work with programming tools to write new software programs according to company requirements. You will work with a team of developers and engineers and assist senior software engineers.
  • web developer– Before becoming senior developers, many tech professionals start with web development. You will design and develop website components for smooth and functional performance.
  • User experience designer– UX designers work with design principles to ensure that software, websites or apps engage users. You will use coding languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to implement visual graphics, interactive designs, and other elements. This is one of the best coding careers for beginners.

Mid-level coding jobs

  • Graphic designer– Just like UX designers, graphic designers work with visual elements to create animations and illustrations for businesses. A typical project for graphic designers includes logo design or projects for print and digital media.
  • Computer programs– Computer programmers undertake all computer programming responsibilities. You can implement the latest technologies, evaluate the software and debug the code. This is one of the top coding careers that can help you earn a high salary.
  • information analyst– These analysts use programming languages ​​such as SQL to organize and interpret data. You will conduct data analysis to find patterns and relationships within the data and collaborate with engineers and data scientists.

Higher level coding jobs

  • Corporate Architect– Enterprise architects spend years gaining experience designing technology infrastructures for large companies. These infrastructures house all the technological processes of a company, so it is necessary to have specialized skills to qualify for this job.
  • cloud engineer– If you like working with cloud platforms, considerto become a cloud engineerto one of the best careers in coding. You should design, develop and maintain a company's cloud-based systems. Professionals work with Google Cloud, AWS and Azure.
  • PHP specialist– As the title suggests, PHP experts are experts in the PHP coding language. Years of experience working with PHP is essential for this job, so this is not a good coding career for beginners.

Should you get a coding job in 2022?

Yes, you should get a coding job in 2022. Learning how to get a coding job is one of the best things you can do for your career. There are many career paths that you can choose from and many of these jobs have generous salaries.

Learning to code is also easy and you can acquire programming skills through flexible methods. If you want a high-paying career in technology, you should find a job in coding. You can become a senior web developer, analytics manager, medical records technology specialist, and more.

Coding FAQ

How long does it take to get a coding job?

It will take about six months to a year to find a coding job. If you're learning to code from scratch, it can take anywhere from seven to 12 months to study and land a coding job. There are many resources available if you want to learn to code quickly and learn to program to get a job. For example, you can alsolearn to code for freewith online courses, although these are less favored by employers.

Can I get a coding job without a degree?

Yes, you can get a coding job without a degree. Many coding job interviews require technical assessments. so as long as you pass you can get a job as a coder. One ofthe best coding bootcampscan help you learn similar skills in a more affordable and efficient program than a degree. Many coding experts have learned to code through self-teaching, bootcamps, or online courses to get coding jobs without a degree.

Is it hard to get into coding?

It's not hard to get into the program, as long as you prepare. You just need patience and persistence when learning to program as it can get tedious. After all, it's not too difficult to get into programming as you can learn through various educational paths. Getting a coding job isn't as hard as it sounds.

What jobs can you get if you have coding skills?

If you have coding skills, you can become a data scientist, computer programmer, computer systems analyst, software engineer, and more. Coding offers a wide range of career opportunities, and many of these jobs are high-paying. Jobs that require coding have high annual salaries and some don't even require formal training.


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