Salary and career expectations forecast for programmers in 2022 (2023)

Written by Aneesha Kochar

Salary and career expectations forecast for programmers in 2022 (2)A technology-related career often holds promise. The world is constantly evolving, thanks to new technologies such as apps that make everyone's lives easier and artificial intelligence that helps many industries get their work done faster.

However, that's not all. The world of technology is vast and there is room for every tech lover. Of course, coding is the backbone of everything, which is why software developers, web developers, and app developers earn more than the average salary in tech-related fields.

If you are a coding enthusiast and want to make programming your career, the first thing you should do is get an idea of ​​how much coding salary you can expect. In this article, I will give you a complete coding salary guide so that you are well prepared for your coding career in 2022.

How much do coders earn?

According to, the national median salary for a coder is $58,888 per year. However, you can earn much more than this amount if you specialize in a particular area of ​​coding. Your annual earnings also depend on where your business is located, where you are located, and your overall work experience.

While beginners may have to start on a lower salary, experienced developers can expect to receive a much higher salary package.

Which states pay coders the highest salaries?

According to the latest data from, here are the highest paying states for coders in the United States of America, with the average annual salaries a coder can expect:

So with that in mind, the important question is, what skills do you need to become a developer? Let's find out.

Skills you need to become a coder

While you can take online courses to learn the basics of coding and gain more knowledge on the subject, some skills cannot be learned. You need to have the right mindset and attitude to become a successful and well-paid developer. With the skills below, you'll have a better chance of earning a higher salary in the long run.

Problem solving

All websites, software and applications are created to solve problems. They help businesses and individuals reach their potential customers faster and more efficiently. Businesses only thrive when they can solve problems for their customers.

Likewise, to build software, you need to be a problem solver. There will be times when the website or software does not work properly and you should monitor it to continue to fix problems and update the software when necessary. This will help the software run smoothly and provide a good customer experience.


Most jobs require patience, but a coder must be extremely patient. As I mentioned above, there will be a number of bugs that you will need to fix and problems may also arise on the fly. Be prepared to do something over and over again until you reach a satisfactory result.

It can be frustrating trying to find the right solution amidst all the chaos and small details, especially when everyone on the other teams is looking for an answer. Patience is a prerequisite to thrive under constant pressure and find the right solution.

Good understanding of mathematics

While you don't need to be Aryabhatta and invent from scratch, you do need an average interest and knowledge of mathematics to become an effective programmer. The two are not the same, but they are still related as most programming languages ​​may require you to think mathematically.

If he excels in math, congratulations! You can expect faster growth and fatter salary earlier than others.

good communication skills

Salary and career expectations forecast for programmers in 2022 (3)Coders can work independently—as well as from anywhere in the world—and deliver world-class, cutting-edge software that can make a company millions of dollars. However, a collaborative environment can provide much faster results in terms of development.

If you're a good communicator, you'll have no problem reaching out to the controller to quickly fix a bug and at the same time reaching out to the marketing manager for customer experience data.

Coding isn't just about creating the perfect software and keeping it running. For all feedback and updates, bug fixing, testing, etc., you'll needcommunicate effectively with the team. So hone those communication skills for a successful coding career.

Desire for continuous learning

If you quickly get bored of what you're doing or lack natural curiosity, think again before you start coding. To move forward, coders and developers need to constantly update themselves with the latest technologies, coding languages, frameworks, consumer needs, etc.

Technology changes quickly in today's world and if a coder is not up to date with everything, they will be left behind. No company wants their software to be based on outdated technology that no one will ever use. If you don't have the ability to learn, unlearn, and relearn on a regular basis, give up on the idea of ​​coding.

Important technical skills

In addition to the skills I mentioned above, also consider some of the technical and language skills listed below, as they will be very important in 2022 and beyond.

  • algorithmic codingmeans writing coding scripts to instruct the computer what to do. Algorithmic skills are useful to develop throughout your career, as they are crucial for dealing with databases and data management.
  • HTML(HyperText Markup Language) is the most common coding language for displaying text and image content in a web application. You can create paragraphs, bulleted lists and graphics, promoting interactive and navigable interfaces.
  • CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) allows developers to add fonts, colors, and text content to a website application. With HTML, developers use CSS to create interactive interfaces.
  • SQL(Structured Query Language) is one of the most common databases. Companies use it to organize and store information, ensuring privacy and functionality.
  • NoSQLallows you to store and retrieve data between relational databases. They support SQL-like query languages ​​and work with SQL database architecture.
  • data structuresare organizational methods for information in a database. If algorithmic code describes the process for completing work, data structures optimize the information.
  • JavaScriptallows you to create interactive and easy-to-use functionality on a web page, such as buttons, chats, and animations.
  • Embedded in HTML,PHP(Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server-side scripting language. Developers use it to develop static and dynamic cross-platform applications, improving the user experience.
  • AAPI(Application Programming Interface) is a middleware for connecting two applications.
  • Manage Git source control. Most companies and freelancers use GIT as their source control program. Allows different script versions of program code to be stored in a folder system. Developers use it to organize projects and track code changes and edits.
  • Cloud computing skills (GCP, Azure, AWS). Whether in a remote team or face-to-face, developers work with cloud platforms. They manage and administer a company's remote database. And most companies require knowledge of coding languages ​​and server management to set up cloud-based technologies.
  • Computer Network. To become a Senior Software Developer, it is important to learn the main mechanics of computer operating systems and networks. From memory usage and data swapping to locking issues, a programmer needs a clear understanding of the computing process.

Additionally, there are many online courses that can help you learn any of these languages ​​or specific skills. Also there are some fantastic books likeThe Complete Software Developer's Guidethis can be very helpful in building your career as a software developer.

Three highest paying coding jobs

While it may be assumed that coding only involves building apps and websites, there are many more roles you can take on as a developer. Here is a list of some popular coding jobs for 2022:

web developer

Average salary:$67,339 a year

If you have a passion for creating websites, then web development makes sense. As a web developer, you build and maintain websites using different coding languages.

It is better to specialize in one typecoding languagewhile learning other languages. Increasing your knowledge and skills from time to time always gives you an edge over other developers.

Software developer

Average salary:$116,890 a year

As a software developer, you will create software or applications after assessing the requirements of a business or customer. There are many types of software, from AI platforms and security apps to entertainment apps like Netflix and social media apps like Twitter and Instagram.

There is no shortage of demand for software developers. In addition, almost all companies run on software, and lots of themthey are even migrating to the Internet and selling software-related products.

Database Administrator

Average salary:$87,049 a year

If you enjoy dealing with large amounts of data or information and want to create repositories for that data, you can become a data manager.

Every business operates on the storage and analysis of customer data – which is critical to the success of such businesses. For example, marketing, sales and finance functions rely heavily on information and analysis from databases.

These are just a few of the thriving career options in demand right now.

How can I increase my salary as a coder?

Salary and career expectations forecast for programmers in 2022 (4)A coding career can go in many different directions depending on your expertise. Here are some ways you can increase your earning potential:

  • sharpen your skillslearning a new programming language. Stay updated withthe latest trends in technology and programming.
  • Help your friends with their websitespractice coding and get testimonials. You can add it to your portfolio.
  • Look for internship opportunities at large companiesor even startups that want to outsource coding for beginners. Besides a good learning curve, it will be a good addition to your portfolio.
  • Spend your free time reading about new technologiesand how it is done. This can help you improve your problem-solving and innovation skills.
  • Participate in hackathonsand get ready to interact with other developers. There are many online communities where you can learn, grow and get leads.
  • Look for freelance opportunities on sites like Upwork and LinkedInto earn extra income. Freelancing gives you all the freedom and flexibility to work on your own terms. However, it is important to understandhow to manage your finances as a freelance developerto grow and succeed.
  • get certifiedbecause some companies evaluate coders based on their qualifications. You can search for relevant certificates or postgraduate courses to take and add to your CV.

Get the coding salary you deserve

With all this information about the average salary for coding jobs, you will be better equipped to decide whether or not to take this job. It's always helpful to stay up to date with the latest developments in coding and salary change coding.

Keeping up with the latest trends in programming, skills and salaries can help you grow faster in the tech industry. Once you know your niche, what to expect, and how you can maximize your potential as a developer, you'll be motivated and motivated to succeed.

One thing is for sure: the world of programming is dynamic and offers plenty of opportunities to keep learning and growing. This is why a coding career is sure to provide you with a comfortable living with high paying jobs. The best!


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